Healing is an inside job,

but I can help. 

Welcome to Enlightened Health
Do you want to feel more balanced?  Feel more joy?  Vibrant and energized?  Physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?



This is the philosophy in which Enlightened Health is founded.  Balance is a moving target and healing is a journey, but with a well-informed and spiritually aware outlook, you can enter a state of being free from disease. 

Healing is an inside job, but I can help...

 and I cannot wait to get started!

 - having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook; spiritually aware.
 - the state of being free from illness or injury.
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What I Specialize In

 Energy Medicine Yoga Sessions

Health Coaching

How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Energy Healing

Personalized Health Plans


"I have been working with Alyson for over 2 years now! I cannot speak highly enough about how wonderful my time has been with her. What I’ve learned, how much better I feel, and the better person I have become is all due to her kindness and skills."

- Tricia L.

“From the moment I walked into my first yoga class with Alyson over a year ago I felt her positive glow and energy. Ever since then, I’ve sought her healing touch and genuine interest in my well-being. She has truly changed my life.”

- Mariela F. 

"Touch For Health was a new experience for me, but Alyson was a confident, calming, and knowledgeable guide.  We set a goal which was something that has been an underlying issue for most of my life.  In the following days after our session, I began to feel more free.  I feel lighter and more full today than I ever have before." 

- Sam H.

"Alyson helped me during a time I didn't even realize I needed help.  She was so professional and yet so empathetic.  I am eternally grateful for her spiritual healing abilities and definitely felt my mind, body, and spirit align for weeks after the session."

- Shauna D. 

“Practicing EMYoga with Alyson has deepened my connection to my body, mind, and spirit as a whole. Whether I run, take a barre class, power yoga, or even golf; my ability to breathe using EMYoga techniques has increased my performance in all areas.  I feel like I found the fountain of youth!”

- Gina B.

"Alyson has wonderful energy and is so knowledgeable. I left my Touch For Health session feeling so balanced and grounded, which was what I needed. She also made some excellent suggestions regarding supplements and crystals. Looking forward to my next visit!"

- Melissa F. 

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