Meet Alyson

Integrative Health Practitioner

My mission is to support the expansion of love and well-being within others, so together, we can help to heal the world.


I have been fascinated by health and healing since I was born.  Struck by a slew of illnesses from a very young age, I became even more intrigued by detox, nutrition, and yoga by 9-years-old.  As I continued to grow and ultimately encounter dis-ease in my body, I decided to dedicate my life to healing and to helping others do the same. 


I hold a Masters in Integrative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut.  I am a certified Touch for Health practitioner, Energy Medicine Yoga Master Teacher, and put all of my faith in divine guidance when helping others.  In working together, we will balance your energy, ignite your spirit, cleanse your heart, and purify the mind.  Through this, the physical body will naturally arrive at a place of homeostasis so that you can enjoy life and thrive.


Sessions include: Energy Medicine, chakra clearing, sound healing, intuitive card readings, tarot, movement, energy testing, health coaching or spiritual counseling. 

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All sessions are currently taking place virtually.