Trusting in the Flow

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I heard a voice in my head today that said - "If it all came at once, you'd get overwhelmed."

This message came to me after completing my morning meditation and New Moon ritual. A New Moon ritual, quite simply, is an opportunity to set goals for the month - put forth an intention of what you're ready to release or what you're ready to experience. I wrote out my list of perhaps lofty goals, than received that message.

Words hold power. Those whispered words of guidance may have come from my subconscious mind or the Divine wisdom that surrounds us.

There's a state of 'flow' we can enter where our daily life feels fluid, our everyday tasks suddenly feel easy, and we can experience enjoyment throughout every action we make. Flow is coined in positive psychology by being in the zone. One's sense of space and time fades; we simply experience. You've most likely had days like this, or moments, whether you were aware of it or not.

Oftentimes, the biggest block to "flow" is a lack of trust.

We all know the days where our "monkey mind" takes over. We jump from one thought to the next, or one worry after another. We feel completely preoccupied or troubled by the busyness of the mind. I sometimes wish there was a MUTE button!

In meditation, we can often press mute. Thoughts still flow through, but if the simple act of breathing in and breathing out can stay at the forefront of the mind, the thoughts can be silenced.

If we were never challenged by the noise of our minds, would we ever seek silence or peace? If we never felt the difficulties of everyday life, would we appreciate being in the ease of flow? Everything has its opposite and often we need both to be loud and clear so we can fully experience which we prefer. Eventually, preferences can fade away and a deep love and appreciation for the all that is can exist.

We are often knocked off of our center. Balance is a moving target and part of being in the flow is surrendering to the ebbs and flows of daily life. Some days are easier than others. Some days you may find yourself screaming at the maintenance men for trampling your flowers, while on some days you're bowing in gratitude for having maintenance men to clean your yard. I believe that the more we can trust in the flow, the less resistance - or screaming fits, we will encounter.

Further, if everything we ever wished for came at once, we might not know how to react. Imagine waking up to everything you've ever desired. Trust me, the thought of that feels pretty exciting too! But, what if, it's too much at once and then we suddenly are left with a feeling of 'what's next?'

In one day, I may eat a banana muffin, a bowl of chili, a veggie burger, a salad, and realistically some sort of sweet treat - but the idea of sitting down and eating that all in one meal, certainly does feel overwhelming. The little kid in me is laughing because that does sound fun, but also, the adult in me knows that's a recipe for a stomachache.

So, my challenge is to trust in the flow of life. To know that we all can achieve our dreams, receive or accomplish everything we desire, but we must surrender to how the experience unfolds.

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